Puss Botté Vineyard

Isabelle Ricard and Normand Guénette, toying with the idea of ​​developing their own vineyard in Quebec for some time, finally got started in 2003 by preparing the first plot in the Canton of Hemmingford.

Over the years, the couple has added new expansions and are now able to produce up to 60,000 bottles. Furthermore, major projects are currently brewing regarding the development of the vineyard. As soon as they were opened to the public, their products were highly appreciated and since then, several other wines have been added to their product range and numerous medals and prizes have been won, whether in small or large competitions.

Trained designers, Isabelle and Normand always seek to create wines that will be appreciated in the same way as those of the old countries. Two criteria particularly guide the style of wines they seek to produce: distinction and balance.
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