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Originally, Ferme Guyon was the project of Mr. André Dion, a seasoned Quebec entrepreneur who managed the hardware store RONA between 1975 and 1990 before founding the Unibroue microbrewery in 1991.

Partnering with popular singer Robert Charlebois, Mr. Dion enjoyed resounding success in Quebec, but also in the United States and France, among others thanks to the beers “Blanche de Chambly”, “Maudite” and “ The end of the world ".  In 2004, following the sale of Unibroue to Brasserie Sleeman, Mr. Dion looked back on an old dream, that of having a horticultural center “where we could spend the whole day”.

La Ferme Guyon is also a family story since Mr. Dion developed the concept with his son Sébastien, co-owner, and now president and general manager of the company.


"entre 1975 et 1990..."

Pour faciliter la lecture, je modifierais le début du 1er para ainsi:

"S’associant avec le chanteur populaire Robert Charlebois, M. Dion a connu un succès retentissant au Québec, mais aussi aux États-Unis et en France, entre autres grâce aux bières la « Blanche de Chambly », la « Maudite » et « La Fin du Monde ».




Why Guyon?

Leaving Mortagne in Lower Normandy in June 1634, the first ancestor of the Dions to have set foot in America, Jean Guyon, reached the mouth of the St. Lawrence River after two long months of crossing.

Jean Guyon thus became one of the first farming settlers to whom fiefs of the Seigneury of Beauport were granted. Jean and his wife Mathurine had eight children, including six sons who gave the colony a host of offspring. The surname Guyon is not very common in Quebec, because most of the descendants bear the name Dion, such as André and Sébastien, the instigators of the project.

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