Pépinière Lemay Nursery inc

La Pépinière Lemay Nursery inc., located in Lanoraie, marked its beginnings 50 years ago and is the result of three generations of horticulture enthusiasts. This commercial nursery is considered to be the largest pot producer in Quebec. They produce more than 1,500 varieties of plants: shrubs, climbers, roses, large format perennials, conifers, trees and small fruits.

Their mission is simple: produce a wide range of high-quality plants, adapted to market trends, and sell wholesale to garden centers, landscapers and municipalities. Their service is accessible and personalized, which makes life easier for their customers, and that’s what makes the difference. Their plants are still grown with great pride after all these years and their innovative practices ensure that their business is constantly growing.

The company constantly aims to improve the quality of its plants by developing an increasingly ecological and natural approach. Their team works hard in an integrated pest management approach to control diseases and pests and this allows them to minimize the use of synthetic products while ensuring superior quality.
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