Abbotsford Nursery

The Abbotsford nursery and garden center has existed since 1962. Today, the two managers are now Pierre and Pierre-Marc Paquette. Abbotsford Nursery distributes quality plants to various locations in Quebec, including Ferme Guyon.

The Abbotsford Nursery, with over 50 years of experience, is known for its superior quality plants, remarkable customer service and expert advice. On their 65 hectares, they cultivate more than 2000 varieties of conifers, trees, shrubs, fruit trees, small fruits, climbing plants, rose bushes and perennials.

Their crops are grown in pots and fields as well as in greenhouses adapted to the climate. They also offer a landscaping plan design service and everything you need to complement your plants.
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Les poules sont en ville

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Nos poules sont disponibles à l'achat directement à la ferme du vendredi au dimache, sans réservation préalable.