Frank Zyromski greenhouses

The company founded in 1979 by Frank Zyromski and located in Rivière-Rouge is one of the best Canadian cutting propagators. They are mainly known for propagating cuttings of geraniums, calibracoas, vegetative petunias, rieger begonias, fuchsias, companion plants, etc. The Frank Zyromski Greenhouses have an annual production of nearly 7 million cuttings!

Frank Zyromski is constantly looking for high-performance cultivars adapted to his customers in Quebec, Canada and the United States. Les Serres Frank Zyromski offer superior quality products at the most competitive prices, thanks to the special attention they pay to each stage of production.

The owners are also concerned about the environment and are always looking for increasingly sustainable means of production. For them, successful production means product quality and consistency.
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