Coteau Rougemont vineyard and cider house

Coteau Rougemont vineyard and cider factory is a 100% Quebec family business created by the Robert family and is located in Rougemont. During the first years of the company's life, it was only the Robert family who took turns monitoring the fermentation of the grapes, day and night. To date, several enthusiasts are now part of the team and the vineyard is today a reference in Quebec ciders and wines. The vision of the vineyard is very simple: to offer quality products around which unforgettable moments are created. The unconditional love of wine and cider that reigns in the family is palpable and is transmitted to their customers.
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Les poules sont en ville

Apportez la vie à votre jardin !

Nos poules sont disponibles à l'achat directement à la ferme du vendredi au dimache, sans réservation préalable.