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Activities for school groups

La Ferme Guyon has partnered with Zone Découverte* to organize school group activities. Holder of a Quebec travel agent license, Zone Découverte is an agency specializing in student group travel and the organization of events in schools for over 18 years. Over the years, Zone Découverte has become the reference in the educational environment in Quebec.


Depending on the package selected, two or three activity trays will be on the menu for your day at the Farm.

Educational farm: Visitors will be in direct contact with the animals and will become familiar with their particularities, their habitat, the ways of feeding them as well as their contribution to the food chain.

Butterflies: From the egg to the caterpillar to the chrysalis and finally to the butterfly, let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty and grace of the native and exotic butterflies swirling around you. Workshop: One of these two workshops will be offered to you according to your choice. • From wheat to bread • From cow to butter Please note that activities could be modified without notice.


Package 1:

Visit of the Educational Farm and the Papillonnerie
Duration: 2 hours
Price (child from 2 to 15 years old): $15.00 + taxes

Package 2:
Visit of the Educational Farm and the Papillonnerie + 1 Workshop
Duration: 4 hours
Price (child 2 to 15 years old): $19.50 + taxes

One free guide per 20 children.
Additional guide at the same price as the children.
Please note that a minimum group of 20 children is required for an activity. A maximum number of 80 children can be booked for Package 1 of 2 hours. A maximum number of 120 children can be booked for package 2 of 4 hours.

For further information, please contact Zone Découverte using the following contact details:
By telephone: 514-990-9663
By email:

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*Zone Découverte, a division of Les Promotions Zone is a travel agency and tour operator, holder of a Quebec travel agent license.