Planting service

A turnkey planting service will be automatically calculated and offered when you checkout on our online store. Planting prices are calculated based on your address and the plant formats added to your basket.

We offer this turnkey planting service for large trees, potted trees and bare root plants.

The map of the geographical area we cover is opposite. If you are outside this area, please contact us. The planting service is not available on theisland of Montreal at the moment.

Each potted or bare root tree planting includes, per tree:

  • Planting soil 3/1 FAFARD
  • 1 metal stake
  • 1 clip

Each tree planting in a spindle basket includes, per tree:

  • FAFARD garden soil
  • BIOFOR forest compost (Fafard)
  • 2 metal stakes
  • 2 clips

Territory covered (by postal codes)

Delivery and planting area for individuals
J0A 1H0 J0L 2B0 J4B
J0E 1A0 J0L 2E0 J4G
J0H 1B0 J2N J4H
J0H 1G0 J2R J4J
J0H 1J0 J2S J4K
J0H 1K0 J2T J4L
J0H 1S0 J2W J4M
J0H 1W0 J2X J4N
J0H 2G0 J3E J4P
J0J 1K0 J3G J4R
J0J 1X0 J3H J4S
J0K 2S0 J3L J4T
J0K 3A0 J3M J4V
J0L 1A0 J3N J4W
J0L 1N0 J3V J4X
J0L 1P0 J3X J4Y
J0L 1R0 J3Y J4Z
J0L 1T0 J3Z J5R

Les poules sont en ville

Apportez la vie à votre jardin !

Nos poules sont disponibles à l'achat directement à la ferme du vendredi au dimache, sans réservation préalable.