Vaccinium 'Bluecrop'

Classic variety producing clusters of large, firm and fragrant fruits. Its excellent productivity allows for abundant harvests. It becomes an asset to your landscaping during the fall due to the color of its foliage. Two varieties are required to obtain a fruit harvest.

Exposure: Sun
Growth: average
Foliage: Glossy green to dark, turns orange-red in fall
Flowers:White flowers in May
Fruits:large, firm and fragrant, harvested from early August to early September.
Size: Prune old branches (2 per year).
Maintenance: Acidic soil, clay (25%) and peat moss (75%), well drained. Mulch on the ground to maintain humidity, protect and limit weeds. To improve fruit production, compost or an acidifying fertilizer can be applied every year. Be careful of birds, installing a net is strongly recommended.
Hardiness zone: 4
Height: 1.25 meters
Width: 1.25 meters

Photo credit: @NetPS Plant Finder

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