Rubus 'Royalty' (Raspberry 'Royalty')

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Rustic and vigorous raspberry tree with few thorns that produces many very large, tasty raspberries.
Ideal fruit for freezing or processing.
Prefers partial shade.
Production cycle over 2 years.

Sun / Partial shade
Foliage: medium-sized green leaves that change to yellow in fall
Flowers: small white flowers in spring.
Fruits: fruits in August, very large, purple
Size : Pinching in early summer. Pinch the tips of new shoots when they have reached 75 to 90 cm in height. This stimulates the growth of side branches.
Care: This fruit shrub adapts best to deep, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. To improve fruit production, compost or a natural fertilizer can be applied to it every year. Watch out for birds, installing a net is strongly recommended.
Cut the dried stems down to ground level.
Hardiness zone: 3
Height: 1.50 meters
Width: 1.50 meters
    Photo credit: @canadiantreenursery

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