Unibroue, a microbrewery born here in Chambly, has certainly quickly made its place in the industry. Inspired by Quebec stories and legends, Unibroue has been brewing with passion, joie de vivre and audacity since 1992.

The microbrewery is one of the pioneers of craft beer in Quebec, thanks to their remarkable quality products and the fact that they promote continuous innovation. Their state-of-the-art facilities produce beers with unique flavors that stand out across Canada, the United States and even Europe.

In 29 years, the company has put 35 different beers on the market and has won around 400 international medals and honors, proving to be the most awarded brewery in Canada. A real success for this local business! In addition, it is important for Unibroue to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. They have an environmental committee that supervises initiatives and projects related to sustainable development, they ensure good waste management (99.19% of materials generated by the factory are recycled or revalorized) and they have even obtained the Performance + certificate from the ICI on recycle + program. They take great pride in producing beers that taste as good as they do for our planet.
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