Michel Jodoin Cider House

Having lived in the orchard all his life, it was natural for Michel Jodoin to take off in the cider world. The orchard grew over the years and it was finally in 1988 that the cider house marked its beginnings. With great perseverance and daring, Mr. Jodoin managed to produce nearly 5,000 bottles in 1990. Today, the company offers an impressive variety of ciders, spirits and apple musts. .

The cider house always focuses on the quality and originality of the products. You won't see product names as unique as those of Cidrerie Michel Jodoin. The cider house is proud to be the pioneer of so-called traditional method ciders and the largest North American producer of the red-fleshed Geneva apple, in addition to having been the first micro-distillery in Canada in 1999!
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